Because of his personal interest as a composer in the power of complex multiple rhythmical layering he was recently involved in a research project on tempo, meter and rhythm of the K.U. Leuven and the IvOK (Institute for Practice based Research in the Arts).

Pieter Schuermans is currently working on a Ph.D.:
On the Multilevel Organizing Principles of Duration and Time in the Perception of Music.

As a composer, my research focuses on the organizational mechanisms that affect the experience of duration and rhythm. More specifically, I examine whether large-scale beat patterns as well as beat patterns of slightly varying durations are musically comprehensive. Will such an organization at the super-ordinate level transform the experience of subordinate rhythmic elements? Can this principle act as a catalyst for the perception of more complex rhythmical textures and multi-layering?
Relevant examples from twentieth century composers, traditional Indian and African music as well as my own work will be analyzed.
The ubiquitous interaction between research and composition in this doctorate will accumulate in the creation of three new works.